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Irene Salvadorini, a new concept of “bridal gown”

Born to radically transform the concept of 'bridal gown', Irene Salvadorini wants to free it from its repetitive style, proposing dresses which can have a versatile and timeless elegance, and be modern and easy to wear on different occasions.

The innovative prêt-à-marier collection, aims not only to redefine the dress of 'the most beautiful day of your life', but also to change radically its market.

Irene Salvadorini intends to take the wedding dress out of bridal shops and place it in the more intimate setting of Ready To Wear boutiques, obtaining a completely new approach to its selection process and purchase. Women all over the world who do not recognize in baroque and anachronistic gowns, will finally have the opportunity to choose their own wedding dress without scheduling appointments or waiting, try it on in any size like any other dress, taking it home immediately, and spending what it is worth in terms of sartorial quality.

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