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" is dessert time!", Azzi & Osta Haute Couture Collection SS2020


To mark the brand's 10th Anniversary, AZZI & OSTA present a deeply personal collection. Far from a nod to a rebellious uprising in a different land, a different time, Thé au Trianon is a celebration of the art of legendary Parisian Pâtissiers told through the repertoire of Haute Couture with lashings of prettiness and sensuality.

Azzi Osta 12 2 20 2
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"To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to share our joy and our optimism, a sense playfulness and, a moment of escapism. To capture that moment of excitement when someone says it is dessert time!"

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The artistry and innovation of the Pâtissier, the preciseness of hand, the lightness of touch- it is so closely aligned with that of the Couturier. Each creation of AZZI & OSTA'S 20- piece collection honours the most delightful of sweet delicacies, the Mont Blanc, Saint-Honoré, Tarte Citron, Praline, Meringue, Macaron and, the tools of the Pâtissier; piping bags and doilies captured through a dreamy pastel colour palette evoking the romanticism of the Rococo; Vanille, Meringue Citron, Chocolat, Framboise, Pistache, Sorbet Agrume, Lavande.

Azzi Osta 12 2 20 6

Feminine sculpted silhouettes are characterized by signature manipulated asymmetrical values and intricate ornamentation. Structured gowns, jumpsuits, midi dresses, peplum tops with high-low trains, slim intricately embroidered pants and statement puff-ball skirts are infused with modernity.

Azzi Osta 12 2 20 7
Azzi Osta 12 2 20 8

Weightless taffetas, tulle and silks, luscious layers of point d'esprit Mille Feuille ebb and flow tickling the senses while extraordinary details; hand-beaded chocolate flakes, feathery embroidery, swirls of Chantilly, velvet icing, sumptuous tulle fluff and floral frosting burst with a delicious decorative playfulness.

Azzi Osta 12 2 20 9

The crown jewel of the collection is the Religieuse Pistache an exquisite creature, thin veins constructed from hand-embroidered silk organza ribbons and beads encrusted upon a tulle corset with a tulip-shaped skirt of endless swirls of organza petals. She holds her head high. 

Azzi Osta 12 2 20 10

In her finest hour, she reigns supreme. Her curves, scrolls and counter curves, elaborate with fantasy offer a delicate radiance. The Queen of her celebration - she is the Pièce Montée. This entirely hand-worked gown required a team of eight expert embroiderers and four petites mains to bring the dream to life.



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