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Italian bio-tech fabrics for the fashion of the future

The search for innovative and eco-sustainable materials, which respect the environment and people, has become a priority in the world of luxury and fashion and, as a consequence in that of industrial chemistry, a sector in which Italy has always stood out.

It is news of these days the international launch of two new Made in Italy patents that promise to make the difference in the creation of clothes, accessories and design objects.

Let's start with Bio-on, a company active in the high quality bioplastic sector with its project "Fashion Development Material" whose mission is to develop new materials based on Minerv PHAs bioplastic, 100% natural and biodegradable to produce fabrics and yarns to replace today's materials, many of which are synthetic and polluting.

Now let's move on to a literally familiar Italian company, with Marcello and Marta Antonelli, father and daughter, who, after inventing "Nuo" soft wood capable of replacing leather with enormous environmental advantages, now launch another ecological and totally biodegradable material , the "Nuo Leaf", composed entirely of woven and coated vegetable cellulose, perfect replacement of the plastic. Lightweight and resistant, it is proposed in many nuances and is perfect for creating outdoor clothing, bags, shoes and design products.


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