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Jada Dubai and Passion Jewelers create the most expensive shoes ever

Gold, leather, silk and 236 diamonds worth 15 million euros. This is the value of the most expensive shoes in the world. This sumptuous pair of pumps with stiletto heel is  exposed exclusively where it could be admired even more in all its uniqueness and splendor: Dubai, of course, and, precisely, in the luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Of course they are one of a kind, a unique piece, with a romantic name, "Le Passion Diamond Shoes" and have been conceived and created in partnership by the Jada Dubai and Passion Jeweller brands, with a sublime and painstaking know-how, in fact it took 9 months to carry them out.

Frankly, observing them, we must admit that they are a true masterpiece of style because, despite their exorbitant cost and the materials used to make them are anything but banally sparkling and showy, indeed, they have something really chic and feminine.

But let's talk about diamanto: these marvelous décolleté have on the tip two rare and expensive diamonds of 15 carats each, while the others, smaller, run along the edge.

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