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Japanese design, Air Bonsai and architectural dreaming bonsai

The bonsai is the art of creating miniature trees by growing them for years at a small vase to give it shape and size you want. To the East the bonsai is the Union of the nature with the art, as demonstrated by these two examples of modern design but always respectful of tradition that is unique in the world.

After the Incredibles "Air Bonsai" steering wheels designed by Hoshinchu design team, able to literally rise up in the air, thanks to a support composed of two distinct parts with within that two magnets which repel each other, which makes this magic, here are the imaginative architectural designer bonsai Takanori Aiba, authentic micro-worlds consist of amazing tiny buildings, beautiful scenery. These creations have great taste, design, style and elegance and for all lovers of japanese design are becoming a must have,

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