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Jatual, parisian inspiration

Jatual is a fashion brand founded by two Ukrainian designers always enamored of France and parisienne style. Yulia and Ksenia moved to Paris a few years ago to chase their dream directly in the city they consider the true capital of the fashion world. Here, in their studio near the Louvre Museum, draw refined dresses in which they combine opposite materials as ethereal and precious fabrics such as silk and organza with rude ones like leather. The result is eclectic and contemporary. Production takes place in their homeland where they can count on local craftsmen able to give a priceless tailored, handmade touch to their creations.

Love for the contrast is evident not only in the tissues, but also in the inspiration of every fashion collection. Their muse is a fragile and at the same time strong female, delicate yet strong and determined: a woman as a wonderful diamond with many bright and surprising facets.


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