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Jazz in Bag, Artist Andrea Pagani for AngelinARoma brand

The album "Jazz in Bag - Andrea Pagani for AngelinARoma" is a soundtrack for the luxury brand "AngelinARoma" by Stefania Barbesi.

The idea of ​​joining a jazz disc as a gadget to the Brand is inspired by the designer's desire to give to her eclectic handbags collection a soundtrack that reflects her taste for elegance and sophistication, a feature that distinguishes pianist's music composer Andrea Pagani.

The composer's inspiration for the respect the designer for her fashion creations. A retro style that recalls to the atmosphere of black and white movies and to the luxuries of the 50s.

The album contains 5 new songs (also available online) and 5 bonus tracks from previous Andrea Pagani albums. The launch of the disc will be complimentary with the purchase of the AngelinA handbags.

"Jazz in Bag" is an album that suggests lifestyle. Music in Accessories.


Maria Christina Rigano

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