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Jewerly Green, Art Nature

Jewerly Green is the extraordinary project born from the poetic and imaginative inventiveness of the architect Clelia Stincheddu who, together with the visionary and eclectic talent of the designer Giulietta Piccioli, has managed to create authentic masterpieces of design that are also, and above all, a splendid tribute to Mother Nature and its incredible ability to manifest itself in all its beauty where you least expect it.

The jewels of this Made in Italy brand are like alcoves, nests, beautiful shelters and wonderful architectures that welcome Life within them.

Looking at these rings with a sophisticated and sculptural design, it is really exciting to know that they contain real moss inside that needs daily attention in order to live and show themselves so luxuriant and shiny in jewels with cutting edge silhouettes and delicate domestic ornaments.

In this sense, those who choose a creation signed by Jewelry Green proves to have an innate sensitivity both to Nature and to great Italian design. Ecosustainability and aesthetics: Nature is not just something that surrounds us, but in which we are immersed and which we have always been part of.

Only when we understand this great truth do we discover the whole sense of our uniqueness in the world.

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