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JOOMAY, jewelry is a kind of Wearable Art

JOOMAY is an European premium jewelry brand founded in London  that wishes to share the love for art and beauty with all its customers.

“Wearable Art” – this is the concept that first brought us together. Transforming each hand made jewely in a masterpiece that the wearer can show off with.

We follow trends, but we innovate in the same time. Traditional artwork is combined with high tech processes. Natural beauty gets along with neon light, futuristic elements.

JOOMAY brought together an artist, a jewelry designer, a craftsman and a writer. This was the original team. And they all realised they shared the same love for both jewelry and beauty in its purest form.

JOOMAY believes in traditional means of displaying our work. But the love for new ideas and new environment is why JOOMAY launched his own online store, to be close to everyone who wishes to enjoy the art that JOOMAY create daily.

JOOMAY believes in personal touch and now is present in retail shops around Europe and Middle East. 

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