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JOSEPHINE BONAIR a treasure chest that hides that which dreams are made of


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 “It happened by chance, whilst playing in the loft and searching through an old chest, and between us only a layer of dust and the scent of vintage perfume... This is how I rediscovered old fabric that had belonged to Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Lancetti and Mila Schön. It was sufficient to touch it briefly to sense my own desire to bring it back to life through the body of my idea of a woman”. These are the words of Barbara Di Lorenzo, Josephine Bonair’s creative director. Hers is a tale on the made by hand’s continuous evolution through the great Couturier Masters’ style; and its feminine and disinhibited achievements in which sensuality is given life through shawled plunging necklines and soft silhouettes. Its ultimate harmony stands right between drapes and relaxed volumes. Her skirts have an aristocratic feel and achieve statuesque beauty that calls to mind ancient Roman sculpture. Accessories are lavish and range from optical black and white to red-hot metallic pieces: Buckles and maxi belts call attention to a waist line that is raised through a Vionnet effect. Whilst handling needle and thread with subtle wit, Josephine’s hand-made keeps going strong and touches a thousand shades of mood. Each garment is an introspective journey and capable of conveying the concept of arcane beauty with remarkable power. This is a neo-romantic style that intertwines boldly with a most rigorous empire design. Its chromatic scope ranges from milky pastel nuances that vary in shade across evanescent ruffle flounces, tofull-bodied brocade that wraps the body up like an armour. Contrast brings together the warrior woman and the dreaming one, audacity and fragility, seduction and bon-ton. The new season looks beaming with new shades brought about by a restless search for a style that may mirror the inner spirit. What emerges from Dougnì’s lace work is Pre-Raphaelite tempered grace that is ‘brushed’ with GSM Crystal Emotion’s glowing crystal and pale pearl tarsias. Josephine Bonair’s evening dress looks precious and feels delicate. It stands for beauty beyond matter, whilst becoming an idea that is as graceful as the fluttering of butterfly’s wings.

 Josephine Bonair’s new beauty. When ideals transcend matter.


Maria Christina Rigano

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