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Josephine Bonair, charming storytellers

Allure, refinement and charm: the woman of Josephine Bonair dresses up with sensuality and struts along the streets of the world spreading everything around her, like magic, a sublime aura of femininity in an exchange of powerful energy and visionary. At last, real Beauty triumphs and an idea of prestige tailoring is able to give a real face to an ideal dream.

The inspiration is emotional and exciting and everything is played, almost in an acrobatic way, in perfect balance between experimentation of cuts and shapes and the reinterpretation of the great classics of women's wardrobes.

The see-through effects as well as the sculptural ones that draw a bewitching silhouette like the singing of a siren are also very successful: impossible to resist the muses of Josephine Bonair, wonderfully cheerful creatures, endowed with an absolutely unique and unusual sex appeal.

Their clothes have almost the gift of words: looking at them, they suggest memories, memoires, suggestions... they have an evocative language that speaks straight to the heart. They are storytellers, ballad singers, couture enchanters by vocation.

© Photo Credit Roger Moukarzel

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