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Karlie Kloss is pure light in the Swarovski Brand Campaign 2016/17


Swarovski has been the premium brand for the world’s finest crystals since 1895. With more than a hundred years’ experience of high-quality craftsmanship and mastery in cutting, Swarovski produces light-filled crystals of breathtaking range and brilliance. Ingredient branding partners can avail themselves of logo solutions and marketing communications support.

In the Crystals from Swarovski Brand Campaign 2016/17 Karlie Kloss replaces Miranda Kerr and her iconico portrait is absolutely, glam, sumptous and unique with the super model that wear a tulle suite tottally embroideried by every kind  of crystal, mini o bigger, until rings on her hand to demostrate the absolutely beauty and versatility of this amazing brand that no one can imitate because each crystal is realized with glass and lead (about 30%) but the exact formula is jealously guarded as trade secrets, so it's impossible for every competitor to make a product similar to this masterpiece. Karlie Kloss in this adv is captured by renowned photographer Tim Walker to create a snapshot of contemporary brilliance; the result has bold and charismatic powers.

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