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L' "Oniomania" therapeutics by Brain & Beast

More and more people live with impulsiveness the uncontrollable impulse to buy something of which necessity is not had. And it is really on the notes of this music that Brain & Beast, talented Catalan designer, proposes in its collection a reality from a positive point of view, while it is putting in prominence the relationship between therapeutic objects of fashion and emotional appeasements.

Brain & Beast, mixture heads in gangway that its unite emotion and reason, with a very strong influence of the contemporary culture without skipping a big quantity of refinement and a bright sense of the humor. 

Its collections are composed with games, enigmas, hieroglyphic of apparent structural simplicity, that answers to complex geometric equations in which color and materials form parts of codes in which nothing is casual.

Every head in gangway is endowed with a label with the price deliberately oversized, that remembers to the consumers to think about their habits of purchase: extraordinary!!!


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