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The precious art of Federica Rettore


Federica Rettore is a jewelry designer of the highest level, both for her refined art and for the elegance of her jewelry.

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Federica Rettore developed an international awareness in design while living some years in  U.S.A. during her youth.

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In 1989, her sculpture “The Fall of Angels” was the only opus to represent the New Liberal Art Academy of Milan at the Liberal Art Student Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.
In 1994, she established her own company, Rettore s.a.s., to design and to produce her own line of jewelry.

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Since then, her jewelry creations have become a reference point for luxury jewelry stores, from New York to Chicago, from Dallas to San Francisco, from Las Vegas to Japan.

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Each single Federica Rettore jewel is created with the same enthusiasm and creative flair that are the characteristics of the designer's DNA, where the search for the most precious stones and exclusive artistic ability are the keywords, which make this extraordinary Made in Italy brand, a true icon of design and elegance.

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Credit Images: Federica Rettore

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