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Lancel's unstoppable success

Lancel is the historic French luxury leather goods brand that was founded in Paris in 1876 by Angèle and Alphonse Lancel.

Angèle Lancel quickly began to transform her store into what we would now call a concept store, where her cosmopolitan clientele could find cigarette cases, jewelry, gold, gifts and her first bags.

In 1901 Angèle was succeeded by his son Albert, a man with a love for the modern who had inherited his mother's daring and innovation talent.

The road to unstoppable success was a traced path and the spread of the brand's boutiques continued over the years.

Important creations such as Palmyre, the red travel bags made famous by the legendary images of the campaign and the ELSA bucket bag, emblematic of the first generation of career women, are just a few examples to mention just some of the iconic creations of this historic brand.

Lancel, after more than 140 years of tradition in the field of leather goods, has always been able to offer over the years, unique, luxurious and elegant collections that are the true DNA of this historic maison





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