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L'Atlante dei Bottoni, wearable literature

Directly from Sardinia comes an interesting cultural project that is a happy encounter between art, jewelry and literature in a single microcosm where the need to preserve with that to say something absolutely new coexists. This is the case of L'Atlante dei Bottoni, which with artisanal savoir faire and cultural verve aims to give new life to dictionaries and textbooks destined for pulp. The preciousness of the verbum, of the word, is reconciled with that of the forms and the sihouette of unique and original jewels, unrepeatable and absolutely one of a kind, like the story they tell. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, accessories for him and for her with in common the guarding within them of a fragment of a pages with a word whose etymology and meaning is revealed. Choose the word that inspires you the most and represents you among hundreds of hand-crafted proposals by learned artisans in the service of the Italian language. The individual definitions of each word are selected from dictionaries of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, cut out and reassembled and then associated with a background from illustrated textbooks and encyclopaedias, coherently with the shape and size of each accessory. Each piece is therefore unique and not reproducible as it is made only with original fragments. An artistic and cultural project that is immediately loved for its social value and its green will to re-use creatively and imaginatively what would otherwise be lost forever.


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