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Le Livre d’Or by Delvaux

Delvaux has a long history of excellence in the world of leather goods and bags.

In 1875 Belgium boasts the most branched rail network in the world and Charles Delvaux, luggage maker, immediately senses the revolution underway: to meet the need of the elegant travelers to always have their precious things, the patented Maison, in the 1908, the women's bag.

Today, as then, the Maison makes working of extraordinary talented craftsmen for the creation of bags and suitcases, modeling according to the ages and fashions, every single creation and thanks to the meticulous and deep research that it dedicates to each collection, this brand is on wave crest for over 100 years !!

Since 1929, more than 3000 models of bags have been created and each new creation is described, drawn and included in the "Livre d'Or", the Golden Book, catalog and testimony of the uniqueness of this historic and extraordinary luxury bag Maison.

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