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Le Sibille, jewels with a timeless soul

The siblings made by Le Sibille seem to have been stolen from the most beautiful goddesses of Olympus, an elegant high-end jewelry brand that combines myth, art and history in creations of admirable craftsmanship in which a sublime technique is accompanied by a design of the highest stylistic level. From Magna Grecia to the Byzantines passing through the Saracen and Norman dominations. The contaminations and cultural stratifications are evident above all in the most famous line of this maison, the Micromosaico, ancient technique that was born in Rome about in the 1775 and that it reached his/her halves apex the XIX century.

Each piece is made through a meticulous work of matching and assembling of many tiny tesserae of shapes and colors of enchanting suggestion. Here then is a shining creative present grafted into the fertile soil of the past and generates something absolutely new that leaves us amazed by its timeless beauty, which is of yesterday and today and will surely be tomorrow. A precious heritage, a long tradition whose flame is always kept alive by the strength of an inextinguishable passion of which Francesca Neri Serneri, Camilla Bronzini and Antonella Perugini - the creative souls of the Le Sibille brand - are the perfect emblem.

In love with the culture of the Renaissance workshop where everything was hand-forged in the wake of a tradition in perpetual ferment and renewal, these three cultured and passionate women possess the perfect savoir faire to give real life to the ideal world, to catch suggestions and inspirations and translate them into jewels that are authentic works of art because they vibrate with art.

Their creations are important because they say something important about a past that, if beautiful and with a high spiritual and emotional charge, has no reason to pass. It is always alive and always new even when it becomes a great classic because, to paraphrase Italo Calvino, the real classics are something that have never finished saying what they have to say. This is the lesson of Le Sibille: listening to a message from the endless echo to capture the vibrations closest to our being. Vibrations that then translate into light, shapes, colors. Real jewels.

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