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Lebole, nanotechnologies revolutionize male fashion

Science wears the new italian men, hardly classifiable in older sizes. Less waste during production and economy in the assortment for retail sales are the mission of this italian company. Nanotechnologies applied to fashion: Lebole, a leader fashion company in men's clothing, launches a particular technology that can revolutionize the entire chain of production and sale. Thanks to next generation dye with nano technologies, Lebole is capable of reproducing the same color, eliminating the problems of diversity of shades typical of standard dyes for item ready to wear and not made to measure like in high fashion.

In this way Lebole solves the problem of matching jackets and trousers of different sizes. The result of this innovative procedure is a clothing line that can dress up the 90% of the italian masculine population with custom model created for different physical shapes, without resorting to costly tailored modifications and without having to settle for a not perfectly identical nuance of jacket and pants. Today it's very difficult find a perfect fitting. The process starts with the choice of materials: for example, the wool is a fibre of animal origin which therefore can have structural differences which affect the dye. During the coloring time the nanotechnologies intervene thanks an exclusive dye with molecular dithered that fits better to the substrate of fabrics, ensuring identical nuances even after time. This is the new perfect answers to the need to rely on uniform color baths to dress every type of customer, representing a concrete guarantee of assortment and sale of high quality. Lebole is confirmed as a brand in step with the times, a characteristic which marked 60 years of history of this cutting edge fashion company.





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