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LeiMe an icon of style and true Made in Italy


Sofia Eusebi created her brand LeiMe - Seta Italiana in 2016, with the express purpose of enhancing those qualities of Made in Italy, an icon of style and elegance in the world.

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The raw material is silk, coming from the district of Come and Bologna, while the tailoring is made in the atelier of the brand, for which LeiMe is TRUE Made in Italy.

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What distinguishes this brand is not only in the choice of a yarn of excellence and quality, but it is also to translate every item made by the brand into true style and elegance.

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In fact Sofia Eusebi, designer of the brand, has the extraordinary ability to create garments of excellence in a classic and elegant style, embracing the needs of those women who choose to be modern and elegant women, but who have the will to stand out for style and modernity.

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LeiMe creates dresses for every occasion, real "timeless" collection because elegance does not need to be anchored to a trend or a particular fashion, because when we talk about style, the TRUE one, only those who have the ability to make clothes unique, the result of research and culture, it has the ability to create unique clothing and to be in our wardrobe the preferred one, because with it we can really express our personality, without ever giving up elegance, style and comfort, just like LeiMe how to do it. That's why those who choose a dress from this extraordinary brand can no longer renounce it, because when you have a dress of quality and value, it becomes a lifestyle choice, a style you no longer want to give up.

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