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Lemarié exhibition at Villa Noailles

At the 33rd Hyères Festival in the South of France, CHANEL pays tribute to the unique expertise of the feather and flower embroideries maker Lemarié. The House's exhibition at the Villa Noailles explores the relationship between design, craft, luxury and fashion.

The exhibition is designed to showcase the precise hand skills of the craftsmen and craftswomen: cutting, crimping, sticking, assembling, curling, fraying, folding and inlaying. A metal structure in the middle of the room displays black-and-white photographs illustrating the various techniques used. The feathers, floral and folded adornments created in the Lemarié atelier, illuminate each collection of CHANEL designs.

This invitation to discover and appreciate the craft tradition of Lemarié is a way for CHANEL to support the transmission of its Métiers d'art.

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