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Les Tricot, noble fibers for highest quality

In Piazza San Francesco, in Lucca, Les Tricot revives the artisan tradition of Lucca's textile industry, thanks to an inimitable craftsmanship that combined with the value of the noble fibers used, allows him to create products of the highest quality, which in turn ensure a guarantee of maximum comfort and durability. The professionalism and competence of the working group develop knitwear lines in men's and women's lines that allow them to meet the specific needs of each client. Just look at every creation to feel all the passion that like a common thread binds one garment to another, a collection to the other, in a neverending story to be experienced.

In every creation of Les Tricot there is all the love and creativity that the creatives of the brand, stylists and artisans at the same time, a magnificent and unique combination that rare, incessantly put every day in the creation of the Les Tricot knitwear from the distance 1999, the year of birth of this fiercely Italian brand.

Les Tricot offers a line of knitwear absolutely precious, unique and original because fabulously Made in Italy as handcrafted using the best Italian yarns. The strong point of Les Tricot is the use of fine fibers such as cashmere, merino wool, silk and linen, which allow to express the craftsmanship and design in step with the times, in garments that give a guarantee of very high quality and durability.



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