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Levi embroidery, embroidered dream for a made in italy fairytale

It's turning 40 the beautiful adventure of Ricamificio Levi: its history began in 1977 thanks the creativity and entrepreneurial determination of Claudio and Gianna that in 1986 they decided to focus on the embroidery industry that has always made extraordinary the Made in Italy in the world, transforming their original Ricamificio Gea in Ricamificio Levi, a far more important and complex reality. In the success of the italian great embroidery, always on top all over the world, Ricamificio Levi has been able to keep always up to date, iperfect expression of true Haute Couture, passing through classicism and avant-garde with great skill. Its stricktly artisanal connotation makes this company now flawlessly managed by the second genereation (Patrizia, Roberto e Fabio) one of the most interesting embroidery company on the international scene. In fact, the Ricamificio Levi it has long been asserted on foreign markets with a sure sense of style and marketing. It's located in Cairate (Varese) and it is one of the most beautiful italian reality thanks its elegance, fantasy and a range of models able to satisfy every kind of customer. It's enchantable admiring the many kind of embroideries that the Ricamificio Levi is able to realize 'cause they have that huge amount that can make these amazing products so perfect, sumptuous and masterfully crafted by being able to defy the time.

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