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Ligneah, the soft fashion wood

 MyMantra S.R.L is an innovative start-up, created by the strong desire of a father and daughter. Marcello Antonelli, a businessman and former executive of textile companies, and Marta Antonelli, fashion designer, specialised in fashion accessories and trends research, decided to replace animal skin with a ancient material which has always been a ‘companion of mankind’s affairs’: Wood.

Their love for animals and the proper respect they deserve, coupled with the need to lessen the impact of factory farming and the tanning industry on the environment, a push towards innovation and renewal, and the innate passion for fashion and design, provided the boost Marcello and Marta needed to create what they call the fourth material in fashion and design: "Ligneah" the soft wood. Mymantra Srl was established in Rome, Italy in April 2012.


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