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Lisiánthus, luxury and minimalism allure

Beauty, as Art, is in the eyes the beholder. A famous phrase that describes very well what you feel admiring the creations of Lisiánthus brand, just launched in Rome with an elegant party al Palazzo Dama.

The young creative director,  Massimiliano Mastrangelo, has less than 20 years but already rides the wave of a cutting edge creativity chracterized by a modern and luxurious design as a consumed fashion surfer. To demonstrate an innate talent that doesn't need to be shaped and perhaps tamed and changed by stage in high leather goods companies. He already is.

Massimiliano Mastrangelo with his bond and clear ideas already skillfully balances minimalism-chic and luxury, where “luxury” means refined details, masterful finishes, choice of the highest quality leathers and versatility of bags perfect all day long thanks their captiving shapes and colors so full of joie de vivre and freshness, just like their designer. Besides Davis, each creator reflected himself in his work and everything he does really reveals who he really is.

Looking at four models, “Miss Rutherford”, “Rorò”, “Micro Rorò” and “Contrasto”, available in thirteen variants entirely handmade with exotic leather and precious calfskin, we well understand the the charismatic and audacious flair of Massimiliano Mastrangelo, coxswain of his ship that it's sailing towards a future that will be full of marvellous news, and, above all, of sophisticated and ladylike but, at the same time, also innovative and experimental collections, absolutely perfect for bag addicts and for those who love the italian Beauty and Well Done.

The new ambassador of the roman craftsmanship sounds good: he is studying a thousand creative routes, so with him, let's enjoy the journey in this amazing brand new Made in Italy


Credits: Dario Raimondi©

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