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Lladrò: Love Blossimg

Lladró is a spanish brand dedicated since 1953 to the creation of art porcelain figurines at the brand's only factory in the world, in Valencia. If you are looking for refined and romantic objects, pieces to give as a token of love, you will find true wonders in the Lladró collection. What more poetic gift to give your loved one than an inspiring porcelain Lladró figurine to commemorate marriage, anniversaries and your love for each other? All the romantic creation signed by Lladró are porcelain memoires that remind you of your loved one and all the love you share with every time you see it. Each figure is made with the care and attention that has made Lladró one of the premier porcelain sculpturing companies in the world. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is hand made and hand-painted.

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