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Londra celebrates the mith of Lady Diana

Twent years after her death, Kensington Palace in London celebrates the unforgettable Lady Diana with a retrospective that pays homage to her style and unique and offbeat life untile the sudden and dramatic end that relegated her to myth forever and ever. She, the candle in the wind...

On display many portrait signed by the most great photographer of all the time, like Lord Snowdon and Mario Testino and, of course, her most iconic dress like the one worn to dancing with John Travolta in Washington, at the White House where, for the forst time, she broke any drastic convention of the English monarchy. There is also the shirt, signed by Emanuel, that she worn during the official announcement of engagemet with the Prince Charles. In this retrospective people will see a great part of the personal wardrobe of Diana, since more glamorous gowns worn for the most sumptous events around the world and the dresses created by her favourite fashion designer,  Catherine Walker, for every day when she was simply the adorable mother of their sons, William and Henry.


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