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Look to the past to create the future


Taller Marmo studies the past to create the future, this is the key of the brand launched by Riccardo Audisio and Yago Goicoechea in 2013.
In Spanish "Taller" means laboratory and "Marmo" in Italian evokes history and luxury.

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The designers fully express the philosophy of their brand, who look at and study the past by creating a new interpretation that looks to the future in their collections.

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Their inspiration comes from culture, from travel, from iconic characters from the past, but they have the ability to translate it into unique pieces, with clean cuts and an elegant silhouette. Their goal is not to separate Western from Oriental culture: luxury is made by attention to detail, the use of the selected materials, without cultural distinctions.

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Strictly Made in Italy, Taller Marmo sells all over the world, from Europe to the United Arab Emirates, thanks to the extraordinary ability to always offer, seasonal in seasons, collections Ready to Wear elegant, modern and its creates collections for a woman who loves the elegance created with style.

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