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Loredana Roccasalva Spring-Summer 2019: Il Giardino Planetario

The SS19 "Il Giardino Planetario" collection by Loredana Roccasalva start with the concept of coexistence, the Sicilian designer was inspired by the edition MANIFESTA 12, the nomadic biennial of contemporary art, which this year was in Palermo.

Loredana Roccasalva found in MANIFESTA a way to reflect on mergers, inclusion and overlapping, themes that have always been dear to the designer style.

“Il Giardino Planetario” becomes a metaphor to contaminate shapes and colours of the new collection and the raw material of the "granary of the world" within these extraordinary places is transformed into a new essence. The final stage of this journey is “Il MuLino”, a disused factory that transforms the planetary garden’s precious fruit.

This place becomes a surreal landscape and also the perfect location to immortalize in timeless images the collection’s outfits and tie the product at the places where they are transforms.

By the walk in the planetary garden born a redevelopment designer’s MuLino project, she will redefine this former production space of the 50s in a LAB area, for future mergers and planetary meetings.

The shapes, like in nature, are structured and destructured together, creating new thicknesses that envelop the body. Plissée make the shapes more harmonious and sinuous, the silhouettes embrace the body like a stem from which born inflorescences with soft volumes. The skirts describe volumes alternation of this garden, sometimes vaporous and lush, others fluid and essential. It’s a path between folds and inflorescences that characterize this inclusion of art, culture, fashion and design.

The cloth return to nature with natural yarns such as georgette plissée, white embroidered linen, brocade cotton printed with the planetary garden fantasy, silk organza and shaped petals make with a particular work of laser.

The wheat threads are the main features of the collection in pleated silk chiffon and the tops in cotton tulle.

The nuances that dye the garments are intense red hibiscus kissed by the sun, the white "perfumed" of the double and fleshy Arabian jasmine, the deep black of the summer nights, when the perfumes become intense and fragrant, the gold of the enormous expanses of the fields of wheat in June, when the earth seems to be kissed by the rays of the sun.

The collars, precious interchangeable accessories, conceived with new volumes and the cuffs, designed as fabric bracelets, follow the geometry of the garden acquiring an asymmetry shapes.

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