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Lorenza Bozzoli, artist of the Soul

From studies at the Academy of Brera to the passion for fashion with prestigious collaborations with names such as Elio Fiorucci, Basile, Camper, Sergio Rossi and Plein Sud up to the world of design tout court, a privileged space where today Lorenza Bozzoli expresses everything his visionary and eclectic talent that leads her to challenge every gravitational and mathematical law in the name of a finally new and surprising beauty that does not sink roots in the past but rather longs up, far away, with its hypnotic ramifications. You are suspended in the void, free to float and be without mentioning and without bringing to mind anything in which you admire a creation of an authentic artist of the soul.

Time stops: no memory, no ballast preconceived to still work or some current or inspiration. Throughout the design of Lorenza Bozzoli you can breathe intensely the scent of a great creative and spiritual freedom, driven as it is by marvelous sails in which the wind blows strongly which finally pushes the great Made in Italy design towards the Tomorrow.


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