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Los Angeles, pop colors and surreal irony by Ramona Rosales

Californian atmospheres, humour and pop colors are the signature style of the young photographer Ramona Rosales who loves, as the city where she was born, Los Angeles, to be absolutely unique and sparkly.

Admiring her work, rise to mind tales pulp, manga cartoon and fairy tales: in her pictures, full of imagination and creativity, anything is possible, especially in the series "Balloons" where contrasts bodies with pantyhose and high heels shoes in opposite contrasting colors with the model entirely covered on the top with lively and funny balloons. Everything is surreal, iconic and there are already many celebrities that Ramona Rosales has managed to portrayed as, among others, the super blogger Perez Hilton, the pop star Gwen Stefani, the rapper Kendrick Lamar and the actors Paul Giamatti and Selena Gomez. The optical effect of her images, so powerful because of the colours so strong and for posing so elaborate, imaginative and unique, seem to want to tell  a story or at least suggest a good one. Besides, we are at Los Angeles, here there is Hollywood, the Mecca of the Cinema and everything here has a story to tell, in motion like the frame of a movies or static as in the works of these new interesting talents of photography, just like the rising star Ramona Rosales.


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