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Lost wax never lost ... amazing jewels by Eleonora Corsi

“Le cose di Ele” is a brand that creates handmade jewelry with a fascinating and ancient technique, almost forgotten even if really wonderful: the lost wax casting. The creative soul of the brand is the designer Eleonora Corsi who is leterally in love with this sculptural technique originally from the Bronze Age (3500-1200 BC) and that over the centuries has been loved especially in the Magna Grecia, Ancient Rome and in the monumental sculpture of classical art.

Sign that the Beautiful Absolute does not know the flow of time and, even if temporarily shelved, these extraordinary craftsmanship techniques always find the way to impose themselves because they are absolutely perfect.

Eleonora Corsi then creates, first of all, a wax model and then, in a workshop, covers it with plaster, thus creating the mold. Through some holes in the gypsum, the wax comes out from the mold, heating it up and then it melts the molten metal. Finally, recovering from the inside of the plaster the piece of metal that has taken the place of the wax now melted, the result that the designer finally manages extraordinarily to obtain will be identical to the model in wax of departure. The melting phase is therefore very delicate and must be carried out by an expert craftsman, just like Eleonora Corsi who adores the challenges and the great tradition of Italian high-end jewelery.


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