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Loving paso doble by Elie Saab

A Bridal collection 2019 that the sublime couturier Elie Saab offers to the brides of the whole world for the most romantic day of their life of romance and pure beauty want to dress.

Elie Saab's wedding creations can be admired with their eyes to get straight to the heart and make center with the lorosoave, light and delicate sweetness.

With a sure step, with a lot of experience in the field and a knowledge of the female universe, with all his dreams and desires, Elie Saab shows as always to have very few rivals to his height and as always less is more, between drapes , lace and embroidery rarely present at the same time.

Pure harmony and play of details that never overlap, but like so many perfect notes, each one strong of its fundamental, charisma, create a symphony of femininity and absolutely perfect grace.

Dresses with flowing and slippery lines alternate with other more architectural ones, which look like authentic sculptures for how they are masterfully made.

Everything is poetry and romance. That of Elie Saab is not a woman who wants a dress that makes her feel like a princess because she, for allure and charm, is already princess. In ways, in grace, in natural elegance that can express with gestures and words.

A real woman with clear ideas who wants to not only feel beautiful, but above all at ease in the dress she wears, a dress she has chosen because she looks like her and that speaks only and only about her.

Because the brides of Elie Saab do not need artifices, necklines and slits to attract attention, they are simply themselves to the nth degree. They are stars that shine more than usual but that, after the big day, always stars remain and love will illuminate the paso doble with their beloved along a whole life.


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