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Luca Della Lama, recycling and absolute beauty

The brand Luca Della Lama was born in 2002 and it's clearly recognizable as a creation absolutely Made in Italy: it ha classic Italian styling which engage happily innovative elements thanks to the passionate love for research, study and realization of new classics renewed with great elegance and savoir faire.

Luca Della Lama, which is been inspired by the wild sode of the Nature, the one more free and truly real, keeps going to demonstrate great creativity and stylistic audacity, supported by a corporate philosophy based on recycling and on exclusive use of biocompatible fabrics and leathers.

This extraordinary brand flies the flag for high Made in Italy where true luxury is just given by the research for new shapes and materials and a design that harmonically combines past and present.

Wearing one of its hats, so unique and cutting edge, is always an emotional experience and, above all, a clearly choice that denotes great personality and a strong culture of absolute Beauty. 

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