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Luisa Beccaria Home Collection

Presented in the splendid setting of the refined Lùbar, the venue inaugurated with great success by two of the five sons of the famous Milanese designer Luisa Beccaria, a local that has created a new concept of catering in the heart of Milan, the new home collection of the family maison is a hymn to charm and elegance with a decidedly romantic retro allure that fully reflects the style of Luisa Beccaria.

It is a story of lightness and elegance with almost impalpable tablecloths with iconic prints, in soft colors. Noteworthy linen table tops with edged hem and embroidered with butterflies, flowers and dragonflies. Or even of fluted crystals in pastel colors and porcelain finely decorated with the motifs of the next season. It is the care for every detail, the search for a delicacy and a harmony able to transfer the sensations of the pret-a-couture that have made the brand famous to dictate the rules of an absolutely light yet decisive tableware. With her daughter and co-designer Lucilla, Luisa has shown how the harmony of the elements and the chromatic balance are reflected in the porcelain and crystals: an idea of ​​the table curated in every detail, made of overlaps for a romantic lifestyle and imaginative.

An exclusive, romantic, precious collection.

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