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Lumio, reading illuminates not only the mind

For those who love reading and above all adducing in the evening after reading a few pages of a good book, the Lumio lamp is absolutely a must-have, both for the beauty and originality of its design and because it is a tribute to those who love literature and books seeks an emotion, a special light that makes him reflect, helping him to illuminate the path to move his steps.

Lumio is a LED reading lamp very elegant and functional and is well suited as a decorative element of the house to which it is able to give that extra touch that will make the space in which it is placed very unique and special. In fact, it is impossible not to notice it and not fall in love with it at first sight.

Available in three versions of wood (walnut, cherry and maple) laser cut, it lights up as soon as you open the book, as you light the same way the curiosity of a reader just makes the same gesture.

It manages to illuminate an entire room and is wireless, something very important nowadays: no unnecessary cables, Lumio can be taken anywhere in the house just like a real book and the intensity of its light is adjustable as desired. Just charge it with a USB cable to your PC or smartphone and it will give light for 8 consecutive hours.

Note the refined wooden bindings of what at first glance looks like a real book to be stored even in a real bookcase or in a bag to have it always with us, given its small size. And the fact that it is not only a beautiful lamp, but above all smart and intelligent, perfect indoor and outdoor.


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