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Made in Italy & Leather in Everyday Life

September is a truly extraordinary month for the fashion world, both for the well-known fashion week and from Milan to Paris dictate the trends of the summer that will come and be, indeed, perhaps, especially for the many salons that no longer have to jostle to attract the attention of the press and buyers because they are a reality that is not only well established, but definitely awaited because they are considered able to set guidelines and feel the pulse of important sectors, such as leather goods.

After the great success recorded by White Milano with its womeswear really update and cutting edge, full of surprising news, even Lineapelle, now in its 95th edition, recorded an increase in foreign buyers and visitors, attracted as a magnet by the idea of being able to admire live creations with a fresh and contemporary design and impeccable realization, children of perfect synergy between tradition and innovation.

Noteworthy are the proposals for the winter 2019-2020 of leather, alternative materials, accessories and components that confirm Lineapelle as a mirror of Italian excellence in the world and of its luxury that is purely high craftsmanship reserved for an exclusive niche of customers who they fully understand the real value of the product, knowing how to grasp the fine workmanship, the choice and selection of the leather, the refined design, the exclusivity and originality of the creation that would never find elsewhere in the world, but only in Italy precisely because it is a product that also has the soul of Italian.

For the quality of production and turnover, thanks to innovation, quality and sustainability, Made in Italy stands out in this sector, where its tanning production has grown by 5% in the first half of 2018, to the point that its overall revenues represent 65% of the EU total and 19% of the world total.

To celebrate this extraordinary Italian supremacy, Milan, as has always done things big and, in the context of the kermesse, has inaugurated at Palazzo Gorani (behind Piazza Affari) the exhibition "Leather in Everyday Life", which tells the report man's daily life through extraordinary leather creations.

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