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Made in Italy artifact means luxury and values


EQUILIBRITY, Marco Baldassari: “Buying a Made in Italy artifact means acquiring luxury and values"
Balance, cohesion and innovation. To look at the present and the future without forgetting the past, using a new vocabulary where the Made in Italy tradition is in tune with the needs of contemporary living, enriching the wardrobe of men of all ages with streetwear details.

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A challenge won by achieving the right balance between new volumes, streetwear details and quality materials that blend harmoniously in items of exceptional craftsmanship and artisan experience. Rare and special pieces, which are very accurately and precisely detailed by hand like the double-face fabrics, niche products with a story to tell and where each piece required up to 14 hours of work.

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The decision to maintain all production in Italy is a sign of love for one’s roots, as well as a show of support for all those small businesses that still distinguish themselves world-wide for their quality and uniqueness. Today, to buy an authentic Italian product means buying luxury and value. An example of this are the Eleventy jackets where you can feel and breathe the culture and ancient tradition of Neapolitan tailoring through the hands of expert artisans, who give life to unique garments.

Our unique human resource of artisans must help people understand and appreciate the mystery and the spirit behind the places, the objects and the time invested in each single garment, hence explaining the high price of some garments and which make our products appreciated for their true value. Appreciation comes from learning and knowing... It’s about knowing how to spend, rather than just being able to spend…

Eleventy is socially responsible and manufactures products that respect the planet, producing locally and paying careful attention to the environment.

We believe it is an ethical and moral duty that every company in the fashion world should perform in order to ensure the safeguard of our planet in the years to come.

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Drawing from the athleisure trend is a line of more relaxed garments, specifically designed for the moments of leisure. Eleventy’s new interpretation of sportswear includes garments with sleek fabrics and cuts, designed for a man who wants to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. A man who knows how to take care of himself and who chooses quality in every aspect of his life, including in what he wears.

Eleventy proposes a sporty chic style for everyday wear, that is less high-tech and more luxurious thanks to the use of top-quality materials.

Fine Giza cotton is used for the T-shirts, jogging suits and sweatshirts, in a mix and match of fabrics and contrasting colours. The modern corduroys are reworked with surface treatments, giving it that worn appearance and one-of-the-kind vintage look.

Cashmere is a must-have and it is used everywhere, from the sweatshirts with the coloured drawstring to the soft, unlined, lightweight coats to give that sophisticated, sober look, perfect for all occasions.

Men’s wardrobe is now enriched with items in leather and vegetable-tanned leather with ultra-light down feather padding and shearling coats, as well as pea coats and blouson jackets which are made softer to increase functionality and comfort.

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An iconic symbol of belonging, the monogram has always been regarded as a distinctive sign of noble families or sports associations. Attached to sweats, uniforms and accessories they create a sense of exclusiveness. This same concept has been revived by Eleventy with a personalized monogram, like a modern coat-of-arms for a young and refined man. The Eleventy monogram takes three letters of the brand, E T Y, to decorate some pieces of its collection, either embroidered on precious shirts, transformed into patches to embellish coats and nylon parkas or applied on sweatshirts and jogging suits to enrich an exclusive capsule collection with a retro vibe, yet modern and with great character that also appeals to younger men.

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Today’s man is dynamic, organized, always active and wants functional and contemporary outfits that can adjust to different moments of the day. This translates into the need for a bold style which always combines luxury and comfort.

The most important piece of the collection is the jacket, which has been reviewed in shapes and volumes, meticulously handmade with exclusive fabrics. The choice of the right material is very important for creating high quality garments.

The jacket is 1 cm longer and slightly looser, though remaining close to the body, conferring greater comfort. A careful attention to details, like the buttons in horn or the personalized metals, adds value and personality to each item.

The combination of jackets with T-shirts, sweats or shirts create that mix of contemporary and tradition which represents who we are… Coherence and tradition with a modern twist.

Coats, too, are looser, longer and more comfortable with a right equilibrium between tradition and innovation. Coats to be worn with hoodies and sneakers or with suits and a tie, while showing a modern, but more casual and informal look.

The dinner jacket is re-interpreted with less conventional moleskin fabric and proposed as both a suit and a jacket to be worn with a pre-treated denim for a more informal look.

A casual-chic style for the modern man who becomes a true metropolitan gentleman.

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The “Legacy Collection” is Eleventy’s Fall-Winter Denim Collection which shows its ability to take all the beauty and elegance of classic denim and decline it into different forms and variants to create a refined and luxurious collection.

The denim used is the best in the sector. In addition to the deep indigo colour, fabrics are made with the most advanced technologies to reduce the ecological footprint. The “bull denim”, “corduroy” and “herringbone” dyes are made with an in-flow process that allows using one litre of water to process one kilogram of textile material, against the ten litres of water used in conventional dyeing methods.

The absolute quality of the materials, the all Italian work force, the careful attention to the aesthetics appearance of treatments and the elegance of the accessories put Eleventy at the top of Italy’s denim manufacturing sector.

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Season after season, Eleventy’s knitwear line continues evolving in its search for the best shirt of refined and exquisite taste.

This winter we will excite our senses with very noble and high-range yarns like camel, yak and cashmere. Yarns with a precious, soft and voluptuous touch. Very rich yarns made with slow processing times to make shirts fluid and fluffier.

Camel, for example, which is usually used for soft and lightweight coats, here is used as a precious thread for shirts with a natural warmth and a beautiful, silky smooth feel.

The rich wools are “raised” and “combed” to have a full and very original appearance. And are very pleasant to wear. The same treatment is also used for the dense, mouliné-knit, loose-thread shirts which are further “scraped” to be turned into a mixture of colours, almost like in an expressionist painting.

Great attention is also given to the cashmere on the inside of bomber jackets, doubled with “linens” in thin knitwear with pinstripe suit and tie patterns. A playful, yet elegant way to interpret a timeless garment.

Great emphasis is also placed on knitted jackets, the feather in the hat of the Eleventy Knits line. They are very similar to conventional knitted jackets, but with very new features of elasticity and comfort. The extraordinary internal stretch stitching gives it a more relaxed look, to be always perfect and tidy even after a long trip. An elegant, but also informal and smart garment, an excellent travel mate in the Eleventy world… A garment hard to replace.

Accessories complete any look, enriching it with style. Sunglasses have a gritty soul, emphasised by coloured lenses fitted on an elegant and trendy frame. Beanies or caps are refined with leather or gros grain cords made in fabric and precious yarns. Even the shoes, bags and belts follow the constant search of beauty, which comes from the quality of the materials and the excellence of Italian manufacturing.

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