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Magical project by CIRCU


Circu is a new furnishing label that has the precise purpose not only to furnish children's rooms with harmony, but has created an educational moment through the furnishing of children.

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Stimulating intelligence as a child is one of the most important aspects of education. The Circu project aims to stimulate, through a suitable environment, the attitudes and behaviors of children in order to teach them the values and the main educational rules through a suitable environment.

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Circu was built to live a dream! Welcome to a world full of magic and fantasy, where children's dreams come true! Circu wants to create spaces where children fall asleep while playing, surrounded by life and joy.

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The goal is to create unique moments and experiences in which the Circu furnishings will be a link between the real world and children's dreams.

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Thanks to the collaboration of professional partners Circu realizes its furnishings with care and perfect manufacture using high quality materials combined with the best designs to produce a stylish, elegant and above all that respects the educational growth of children.

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All the furnishings are handmade and custom-made in Portugal by the best and expert craftsmen.

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The finest materials are combined with passion, and design in order to provide only the highest quality furnishings.

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