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Maison Signore launches the campaign "L'Amore cucito addosso"

Craftsmanship and innovation, fine silks, french laces and skilled hands of experienced premier: these are the elements that have always characterized the style of the famous fashion house Maison Signore, one of the most loved italian realities in the world of bridal fashion, which launched the campaign "L'Amore cucito addosso" to bring young people to the bespoke tailor. With more than forty years in the world of wedding dresses, more than two thousand square metres of showroom between the boutique of Naples, Aversa and Caserta, four collections and more than two hundred models of wedding dresses made each year, the company has become a point of reference in this sector and today its wedding gowns are in the most important showrooms in Italy, United States and the Far East.

The campaign "L'Amore cucito addosso" was created to support the quality craftsmanship and the Made in Italy that can represent a great opportunity to work and personal and professional growth for young people.

New creative and new tailors: for this reason early Maison Signore will create a Haute Couture school to form a new generation of craftsmen, convey the savoir faire and preserve culture, the techniques and the passion for the art of tailoring,

Maison Signore deeply believes in Made in Italy and not only produces all its collections in Italy, but feel now to have the moral obligation to pass this unique know-how from one generation to another. There is no future for fashion if not formed new generations of tailors.

For Maison Signore tradition and quality are values of Made in Italy that make a difference and that must be preserved.

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