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Make fashion a wheel

Vanity Wheel is a start up been born by the friendship of two impassioned women of fashion: Cinzia Chiarini and Michela Trentin.

Their goal is "to make fashion a wheel", so making the baby carriage becomes an object of design that transmits the desire of liberty and not a something to hide, it is the way to be always if same. 

The idea of the wheelchair comes completely duty-paid and replaced by the image of a wheelchair personalized that it becomes a same extension of the suit that is worn. The cover wheels they become colored and vivacious (roses give, to the jeans, to the jewels, to famous pictures or graffiti etc.) and they climb on him and they get off in an instant! 

The style Vanity Wheel is distinctive and has character. Currently Vanity Wheel introduces 5 lines of fashion: woman, hand, arts, sport, up to teen and accessible accessories. The objective of Vanity Wheel is that to be a brand recognized in the market of the fashion of the accessible accessories, so other collaborations they are born for different objects "accessible" from the gloves to the purses to the objective Travel.

Their goal is that to study accessible accessories that life can make best in wheelchair, to the study there are objects as trolley and the shoppers for the expense that they are currently their next goal. Cinzia a woman for a long time been born in the world of the fabrics, of the designer and of the furnishings is the creative mind of the project; Michela, manager from over 25 years in the organization and in the development of the firms, it is the executive arm of the project.Together they are the two pillars of Vanity Wheel.




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