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Make up is art with Dorota Mua

 Dorota Mua is one of the most famous make-up artists not only American, but of the whole world. His art, including foundation, eye shadows, lipstich, fake glia and lots of glitter has conquered all the most important fashion and design magazines, so much so that his iconic images are a must-have for those who love beauty as performance and art form , transient and temporary, but not  for this less intense and exciting.

What this artist can do on the face of women has really incredible to the point that think of these masterpieces then there will only be an image to add to his infinite portfolio puts a bit 'of melancholy even if you can console with the extraordinary bond that is created between beauty art and photography.

A photo is forever a witness of a fleeting moment and the creations of Dorota Mua, born to last the space of one morning, will see so many sunrises and sunsets giving the impression of an impression that no more to entire generations. Because beauty is not just that of big brands or internet tutorials. The Make up can rise to art if, of course, the brush holds an artist in his hand, because, to the Californian Dorota Mua, to the precision Creative Make-up Artist, Body painter, hairstylist & beauty therapist, give a nice hand brush and trucch and you will see for yourself what it is able to create, without ever repeating itself, precisely because it realizes works of art and by definition every work of art is unique.


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