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Marella Ferrera, a dream named Sicily

Silver anniversary between High Fashion designer Marella Ferrera and her beloved land of origin, Sicily, that has always been a source of inspiration for her magnificent Haute Couture collections where mythology and legends, that belong to the world of the imagination and of the ideal, blend masterfully with the earthly dimension of time and the result is a past that does not pass, an eternal present of pure beauty and a future full of beautiful promises. Because timeless and poetic are the creations of this extraordinary couturier who gifted to us 25 years of dreams with her gowns characterized by ineffable Mediterranean allure. Sensual, precious, feminine, they are the epic tale of a passionate love between an artist and her homeland, two destinies united in one endless embrace in 25 years and they certainly will last forever. In her High Fashion collections, it is not possible to rescind Marella Ferrera from Sicily: it is everywhere, not just for fabrics and use of ancient techniques typical of this land but, above all, because it is a state of mind, a way of being and feeling, a unique perception of reality from which only unique masterpieces can derive, from cuts and shapes that are old yet always new, just like Sicily. Bon Anniversaire...



Ph: Michele Maccarrone
Dresses: Archivio Storico Mf
Styling: Gabriella Ferrera
Hair Stylist: Massimo Bajeli
Make Up Artist: Maurizio Calcagno
Location: Palazzo Biscari



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