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Marella Ferrera for Paola Lenti at the Milan International Design Week

The stylist Marella Ferrera also confirms this year her collaboration with the designer Paola Lenti at the Milan International Design Week scheduled from 9 to 14 April.

The couturier enriches with new emotions the project "Sciara" on the glazed lava stone with "Moon" a set of hundreds of circular tiles in lava and glass of different colors and sizes to remember the 50th anniversary of the landing on the Moon and with "Assonances", thin strips always in lava and glass made and decorated by hand to create a harmonious resemblance of sounds, colors and shapes; while the new circular and rectangular “Sciara” explode in all their chromatic strength.

The experience of a life lived "... between pieces" translates into an emotional journey called "Couture", a work that tells the 25 years of Paola Lenti's textile collections, a sublimation of the material with over ten thousand combinations of small tesserae consisting of fabric elements, cut by hand and superimposed on each other, of different colors and textures; tiles connected together in a horizontal and vertical direction by a thin cord like a network, to underline the value of Italian craftsmanship. "It was a unique and extraordinary experience, a real privilege to be able to create it for those who, like me, are always in search of beauty in all its nuances. " Marella Ferrera


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