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Marella Ferrera launches “Appunti di viaggio in Sicilia”

After the success at Milan Design Week 2016, Marella Ferrera tonight at 07.00 p.m. Will open her atelier-museo dedicated to MFLAB, a temporary show/shop thinked together with the designer Paolo Gagliardi, that hosts Art Design's collections ideated for Paola Lenti – refined and essential company from Milan, always oriented to research and experimentation – and the collection “Trame Mediterranee” for the sicilian company Lithea, that offers a complete vision pf the sygns of the Mediterraneo “wrote on the stones”.

A space to project inner and outdoor ambienbt and create atmosphere bespoke... a laboratory where fashion, design and art are twisted. This is the inspirational mood of the new exibition at MF Museum & Fashion titled “Appunti di Viaggio in Sicilia”. It's like imagining a picturesque journey to discover the beauty of our land that come to life in unique "design work": hand-embroidered rugs that recall ancient timeless knowledge and remember the light contained in the floors of the rich Sicilian dwellings; tables in which stone, carved like rocks taken from the sea, the lava, molten glass, and hand-painted decorations of classic tradition of Caltagirone have a new flavor.

A sensory journey, full of passion and love for Sicily, transcribed on pages of notes he lives within the walls of this ancent Museum of Catania, tracing all the stages are essential to this extraordinary Union devised by Marella Ferrera and Paola Lenti: a mind contaminated by past and face the future with the enthusiasm of an ever-evolving journey.

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