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Marella Ferrera to conquest Milan Design Week 2017

In occasion of Milan Design Week 2017, the fashion designer Marella Ferrera continues to collaborate with the designer Paola Lenti.

Marella Ferrera creations are rich of contaminations, gestures that come from so far  and that dialogue with the present: hand-embroidered carpets as mats from desert that recall ancient knowledge suspended in time. Ebony, ivory, jade, spicy yellow mingle in different textures to compose new graphics.

Deserts, oasis, moroccan architectures come together in the "write" of unpublished embroidery for original pouf and cushions. Signs like "tracks" painted on pottery by Antonio Forlìn or melted on lava stone from NeroSicilia create corners of the world.

Golden shards as lustres, slabs of sea as atolls, represent a journey of experimentation on "earth" as kneading powder through the skilled hands of Nicolò Morales who, with a special process, gets oxidized and metallic effects.

Vertical gardens narrated on the lava as a three-dimensional painting tell new architectural walls.

A mind contaminated by past and face the future with the enthusiasm of a new trip lived in Sicilian craftsmanship. 

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