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Margherita, new Damiani collection

Margherita, Damiani’s latest collection, features diamonds, citrine quartz and amethysts entwined together to create silky petals that shine, glimmer and sparkle. In Italian, “Margherita” is the name of a flower – daisy – as well as the name of a queen – Margaret. It embodies a blossoming Royal Daisy, a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity. The fine skills of Valenza goldsmiths and modern design trends burgeon and explode, only to blend together again. So here comes the enchantment of Margherita – inspired by the wife of Umberto I, the sophisticated Queen of Italy – to whom Enrico Grassi Damiani dedicated a uniquely charming, ethereal collection. Inspired by old sketches of the time, the brand rediscovers and evokes the splendour and majesty of a timeless past, bringing new life to jewellery, which is reinterpreted and renewed through the artistry of skilled goldsmiths. Like all Damiani creations, Margherita is a tribute to history and art. It is a rediscovery and revival of ancient fascinations. It is a new take on the timeless expertise of Valenza craftsmen. 


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