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Marzi Firenze, unmistakable style and artisan quality

Marzi's story began in the early 20th century and developed in Florence and Paris, the two cities where the lives of a great family of master hatters became interwoven. In 1924 the head of the family, Spartero, moved to Paris to broaden his horizons and break new ground by making hats for women absolutely handmaded, hand-painting or adorned with plumes, feathers, dried flowers and grasses.

Marzi hats are elegant forms of art, a perfect marriage between tradition and innovation: all the company's creations are made by craftsmen, combining flawless manual skill with unique, cutting-edge style.Marzi's long tradition guarantees a hat that never fails to express the finest artisan quality.

What makes a Marzi hat unique is, above all, its stylishness: feathers, tulle, veils, inserts and trimming intervene to add a touch of unmistakable elegance. 

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