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Medieval and Renaissance style

Barbara Biffoli, born in 1967, a degree in literature with an address in the history of theater, which allowed her to get closer to the study of art from which she inspired the inspiration for her jewels.

His undisputed creativity and increasingly personal technique have transformed this passion into a job.

Over the years his jewels have been exhibited in various events, published in important national and international magazines and worn by various celebrities.

Barbara Biffoli's creations do not take shape from a preconceived design or project, but from the observation of what surrounds it, from architecture, from nature, and above all from the inspiration that the material itself suggests.

Medieval and Renaissance art were a great inspiration, as were the ancient jewels to which they often address a particular interest, reinterpreting them to make them more contemporary.

The woman she is inspired by is a contemporary, elegant and whimsical woman who likes to wear jewelry and accessories that strike attention on an absolutely minimal outfit and on which jewels become the only protagonists. A woman who does not want to go unnoticed.

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