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Mes Demoiselles Paris: between the bohemian and the ethno chic

Anita Radovanovic is the stylist and creator of the Mes Demoiselles Paris brand that stands out for its Parisian style with a touch of ethnicity.

The collections created by the now famous designer, come from a combination of ethnic spirit and French elegance.

The brand born in 2006 is currently present in over 500 stores worldwide, in addition to the mono brand stores present in France and Italy. The secret of the label lies in the proposal of a look to wear from morning to evening, inspired by the frenetic life of Parisian women, who bring together lifestyle with fashion. The brand Mes Demoiselles Paris thinks and puts the woman in the foreground and gives relief to a free and independent femininity.

Anita Radovanovic lived with her grandparents in childhood in Montenegro. The local folklore, the colors and those embroideries that the grandmother made by hand are the DNA that characterize the brand's identity. Anita's earliest collections were small, around twenty pieces in blouses, tunics and dresses, a mix of style between the bohemian and the ethno chic.

The fashion system immediately accepted the new brand, because it is the demonstration of how tradition can marry well with the modern. That inspiration to its Balkan origins and the craftsmanship of materials, especially fibers like silk, has made its way into the heart of the fashion markets.

All the collections of Mes Demoiselles Paris contain the memories, passions and desires of Anita, who works tirelessly amid the chaos of pieces of cloth and newspaper clippings.

Mes Demoiselles Paris: the new Fall - Winter2019-20 collection For the new Fall-Winter 201-20 collection, Anita Radovanovic played a lot with the prints that characterize the collection with a unique and unmistakable character. The dress, the pants, the coat, the kimono, the sweater, the skirt, the shirt and the accessories interpret the authentic, mischievous, discreet and refined style. Sophisticated and mysterious, the hand-embroidered particles of light on the balloon sleeves that pay homage to Darpana, the Indian divinity adorned with his Mirror.

Printed and non-printed velvets, silks, wools, dévoré and endless prints give life to the most exclusive and original looks for a woman on a constant journey.

The colors of gold light up the looks of the coming winter of Mes Demoiselles Paris, along with the bordeaux reds and the bottle green. The colors of the sand of the deserts whisper stories, emotions and visions of a luxury marked by simplicity.

The secret of the brand is a simple but at the same time super elegant fashion: the fantastic mix between the use of craftsmanship and modern techniques.







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